At Home: Workspace Update

A few weeks ago I spoke about how my now full-time workspace was in dire need of an update. It was yellow, messy, dark.. basically it looked like this:
What a shambles. After a full day of painting, a trip to Ikea and a morning spent shuffling things about, it now looks like this:
Much nicer. I now have two good surfaces to stack things/work on - this large set of shelves from Ikea is perfect as a second workspace/place to put printers and scanners, as well as storing all of my general bits and pieces.
I love these baskets which fit into the shelves perfectly, for keeping things tidy that I don't want the cat to sleep on (because he will.)
I've always found it impossible to leave a wall blank, so there are things everywhere. I added this picture shelf which is handy for stashing camera's above my desk, along with other trinkets. The clip board has my business plan within eyesight to remind me to keep my eye on the prize, and my pin board holds tickets of shows I've been to because I think its important to remember I'm here to ENJOY MYSELF.
Something I really wanted to focus on was storage solutions - I have a small set of drawers which neatly slots under my desk for paperwork, and some big card boxes from Ikea to store photographic negatives in stacked up beside my desk. I think this hanging rail with baskets is handy for freeing up surfaces.
I sent a snapchat to a pal when I was done and she pointed out there wasn't anything dead on the wall, so I promptly hung these deer feet coat hooks I found in Greenwich Market recently.
(also, Ravenclaw 4 life yo)

A few more details - check out my bad ass sound system, its a tin full of films waiting to be processed with my phone in it which surprisingly works quite well in terms of amplification. Keepin' it real. I did happen to be listening to One Direction when I shot these though so maybe not.
You might have noticed a theme here. I'm not ashamed.

I have legitimately found a use for most of my vintage tin collection - finally, validation! Handy for storing small bookmaking supplies.
I've started each day since I became self employed by setting out my intentions on this little black board.  It helps me stay focused and setting a goal for each day that is an over-all feeling rather than a single task feels more productive and satisfying.
It's still kind of dark in here as we only have on window, but being white has made such a huge difference. Ironically, Matthew's side of the room is now the messy side, so I've spared you that.
Check out my workspace ideas brainstorming blog post over here!


  1. I love the blackboard and wow you have a lot of stuff there! organising must be insane!

    1. It does look rather shambolic doesn't it! I've always thrived a bit in organised chaos. Also most of those boxes from ikea are empty at this stage, preparing for future MESS!

  2. LOVE IT. Stealing so many ideas for mine. Also easter tin cameo!