catch up

- I want to bring back the giant sword sweater pin!
- I've been mesmerised by these bovine beauties for days.
- The Big Green Bookshop is my favourite bookshop, this is just one small reason why.
- These paintings, these PAINTINGS.
- I thought about doing this, but all I did was move things around.
- Token cat mention.
- Er, fly pins you guys. Calling that trend right now.
- Seeing as I can't get to New York to see NPH in Hedwig, I've been avidly following the shows movements on Twitter.
- These are handy.
- Something new I've found via bloglovin' - Bookswept perfectly combines my love of literature and photography.
- This outfit is adorable.
- Some wise words.

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  1. I really want that girl gang t-shirt AND I DON'T EVEN WEAR T-SHIRTS

  2. those are paintings? wowow!