Shooting For: Total Ales

Some of you may know, I cohabitate with a silly man who writes about beer. That is right, gentle readers, he drinks beer - then he writes long and quite eloquent passages about its "mouth-feel" and "aroma". I can't quite work out how it happened, but it is his hobby. I take photographs, he drinks - sorry - writes about - beer.

He is actually quite good though and this month has just had a magazine that he wrote a lot of words for come out in the shops. The shops!
As we cohabitate, I am generally here when he is doing the drinking part of this hobby, so he kindly asked me to take over the photograph taking part of his blog, Total Ales.
I've only done a few so far, but its quite fun.  Sometimes, he even lets me drink the beer. I'm looking forward to seeing how many creative ways one can take photographs of beer - hopefully I'll get to go on some interesting day trips (pub crawls) in the future.
If you like "craft beers", you can follow Matthew on Twitter, Instagram and of course, enjoy my photographs whilst reading his blog. The magazine he contributed to (pictured above) is available in paper form from WH Smith and digitally online.

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