Bruges, in Black and White.

One of the few downsides of shooting on black and white film, is that unless you process it at home yourself (which I have dabbled in, and frankly do not have time to do properly) its jolly well expensive to get processed. As a result, you may notice recently, I have about 3+ years worth of black and white film in my fridge that needs processing, and I've only just found somewhere I like to send it off to for processing.

Which is the story of why I am posting photographs from my trip to Bruges in June, 2012 on my blog, basically 2 full years later.
When I initially returned from Bruges, and basically every time I have spoken about it since, I find myself talking about how much I didn't enjoy it much (too many tourists, got a bit bored of Jesus, cried whilst eating a rabbit, fuckin' alcoves) but looking at these I am given a fresh perspective. Something about black and white film suits Bruges, something about these photographs is making me think, oh it was quite lovely really wasn't it.
I have found myself remembering the lovely parts of our trip. The picnic by the lake, waffles for breakfast every day, the tiny cups of European coffee, cherry beer, watching Hercules dubbed in Flemish.
I wish I had shot more on black and white film.

You can see more of my colour shots from Bruges here, here and a rather wonderful cemetery tour here.


  1. CAN WE GO BACK? Or maybe do a tour? Brussels, Bruges, Ghent...Antwerp? You're Antwerp.

  2. Where do you send your film to get developed?

    1. I'm using Genie Imaging for B&W processing at the moment. Its pretty expensive but they do an amazing job