#MuseumWeek - Museum Greatest Hits!

Its #MuseumWeek over on twitter this week - all of my favourite London museums are taking part and engaging people in conversation with behind the scenes tours, giveaways, quizzes, and other fun larks until the end of this week.

I thought I'd join in and remind you of a few of my favourite museum posts on ice floe. In no particular order...
The Natural History Museum, London - I've featured this blog many, many times over the years, probably because I find myself drawn to this place like a teenager to a member of One Direction. My favourite posts include (but are by no means limited to) - this post of taxidermy portraits, the bird hall is my happy placed - and I literally cannot go through South Kensington without popping in to visit my favourites, as you will know if you follow me on instagram, where they feature often.
The Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge - Many of you may remember that this blog started as a bit of a polar exploration fan girl blog (who doesn't love a man who hasn't changed his underwear in months and eats penguins) and I took a trip to the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge to geek out and take photographs. I swore I would go back but sadly have not had the chance to, something I plan to rectify this summer for sure. You can see the photographs from this initial trip over here.
The Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna - Probably the best Natural History Museum I have had the good fortune to visit. This place is huge, and has incredible taxidermy, including some of the most incredible but heartbreaking dioramas of New Zealand birds which are on the brink of extinction I've ever seen. I blogged my favourite pictures from my trip here, and a comprehensive instagram tour.
The Hunterian Museum, Glasgow - I still can't understand how it took me 10 years of visiting Glasgow regularly before I discovered this gem of a museum. Check it out. Also, not to be confused with the Hunterian Museum in London, which is also superb.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - Everyone loves the Met, its pretty great. I spent a damp day there after being caught in a rainstorm in November last year and for some reason it was one of the most hilarious days of my life. There isn't anything I could say about this place that hasn't already been said, but you can see the pictures I took over here.
Museum national d'Histore naturelle, Paris - This place is a treasure trove if you like bones. I spent a whole morning in there with my jaw on the floor. The crumbling paint, art students sitting around in dusty corners sketching, empty corridors and vacant stairwells. Its everything I could dream of. I shot way too many photographs but my favourites are in this post, all taken from the top mezzanine level looking down on the dinosaurs. And I lost a bunch of followers on instagram while I was there.
The American Museum of Natural History - Famous for its taxidermy dioramas, I lost a day of my life in this place. Totally worth the $25 entry fee and queue to get in - I love all of the photographs I took here both in gem and taxidermy halls. You can see the greatest hits here and my instagram tour here. God remember when we all used the earlybird filter on everything? That really dates my trip.
The Victoria and Albert Museum - Thats the V&A to us Londoners, is one of my favourite places to go early on a Saturday morning when the tourists are still eating their hotel breakfasts and getting lost on the tube. If you get in right when it opens you can be the only person wandering the halls for at least a couple of hours, and it is magical. One day I rocked up and they were changing things around in some sections, and I got to take some pretty cool "behind the scenes" type photographs. I love when you catch a Museum changing its clothes. I also do this weird thing where I collect different things every time I visit the V&A, my favourite post on this was the time I collected gryphons.
The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich - This place has featured over and over again on this here blog, again its one of my favourite spots to spend time in London at the weekend. I love sitting in a quiet corner looking at the paintings of ships. Its that simple. You can see my favourite post on the subject here.

I'm currently vexed that I don't seem to have ever posted about the Natural History Museum in Zurich, which is my all time favourite, its driving me crazy.

I have, of course, posted many, many more entries from my visits to museums all over the world, which you can peruse using the museum filter.

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