en zenned

A couple of weeks at the beach, on the farm, with family, ponies, old cats and friends. Breathing fresh air, listening to the sea ebb and flow, cicadas singing their deafening chorus all day, every day. Building fences and shooting cans, hanging out with my sisters beautiful children and stealing my brothers clothes. Climbing rocks and forgetting how to wear shoes. Rope swings, afternoon naps with the dog. The smell of cut grass, pine trees, melting ice cream and sunscreen. Precious moments, mindless hours of nothing.

All of these things are the recipe for a complete state of zen and a deep, deep sense of joy. Then, returning to London where I also feel much at home and at peace. Its a funny old feeling, having a double life in 2 different hemispheres, but its possible that this trip is the first in 10 years which has left me feeling that my sense of home has begun to swing back to the beach, the farm, and the quiet life I could be living in New Zealand. Going with the flow and trying not to think about it too much.

These photographs were all captured on Instagram. You can see more from previous trips to my home in New Zealand here.

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