BFF Steph and I thought we could squeeze one more weekend on the continent out of 2012, and headed to Vienna for some Christmas Market time for some punsch and gluwein.
They did not disappoint.
Neither did the palaces full of art -
the food, the cold,

or the zoo -
although it did have a koala (evil) and a sad jaguar.

Tips - do NOT drink the Mozartkugelpunsch that they sell outside Schloss Schonbrunn, but DO try the Mozartpunsch that they sell outside the Natural History Museum. There is a photoautomat booth in the Museumsquatier. Wrap up warm. Buy one mug and use it all weekend or you end up with a bag full of mugs to take home with you. And the Belvadere isn't worth 11euros (unless you like Klimt I guess). Also, Lebkuchen. Buy all of it.

I do of course have several rolls of film from this and my trip to Paris still to process, but its Christmas and the money I would spend on that is being repurposed to spend on roast dinners and presents for my kitten.

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