Make it Through the Dark Tip #5

This tip is twofold.

Fold 1 - Bake. I used this recipe to make some Pepparkakor which is the Swedish way of saying gingerbread. Delightful.
Its well known that baking warms the house up because you have to put the oven on, which makes it a good winter activity. And the bonus of making Pepparkakor is that you have to chill it overnight first which means rolling it out (using a gin bottle in the absense of a rolling pin, sure why not) is like, super hard and stuff, and you get a good sweat on. Save on your gas bill and just make gingerbread instead. Sorted.
There is always that leftover bit that isn't big enough to make a moose (or cookie cutter shape of  your choice) so I like to do this -
Roll it into a snake and cut it into bits -
= jar full of tiny gingerbreads for sneaking between meals.
Fold 2 - SHARE!
Ah the old Bake n' Share. I actually made this batch to share with our neighbours, and left a parcel for each of them in their postboxes with a Christmas card. Festive!
... ok maybe its actually threefold.

Don't forget to leave your oven door open when you turn it off, so it warms up your house as it is cooling down. But I'm sure your Gran taught you that.


  1. This is super!! Love you Tanner (and can I be your neighbour?)

  2. Oh the little bits is such a great idea! I have to make some gingerbread soon...