Crouch End Coffee Tour: The Haberdashery (Outdoor Edition)

I go to the Haberdashery a lot. I mean A - LOT. Its pretty much my go to cafe in London for breakfast, so lets get it out of the way nice and early here on this, the Crouch End Coffee Tour.

It was a hot day that young Stephanie and myself decided to head down to Coffee Circus as we had heard they do eggs benedict now and we thought we would give them a bash. Alas, this was but a vicious rumour, made to cause excitement to 2 unsuspecting eggs benedict fans (that's us). Upon discovering this outrageous lie (for shame) we hot footed it to The Hab (cute nickname for cafe = evidence of constant custom) as they have outdoor space and it was like 99 degrees in the shade.

Lo! Iced coffees and eggs benedict ahoy! On the Di and Steph Hashbrown Rating system (something that actually exists) we give the Hab 10/10 for being a/ homemade and b/ just delightful. Eggs Benedict Rating: Good Eggs Benedict.

Not only do the Haberdashery do my 2nd favourite flat white in Crouch End, they're also responsible for the wonderful Barboot (first Friday of every month people!) and always have pretty cakes in the window.

Free tip: The Hab can at times be full of children and their perambulators (giveaway: 'unattended children will be given a free kitten and espresso' sign that greets you outside), so get in early.

The Hab will no doubt feature here again, maybe the inside of it next time (knitted watches anyone?)

The Haberdashery
22 Middle Lane
Crouch End, N8 London
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(PS if anyone can dispel the Coffee Circus Phantom Eggs Benny rumour and turn it into a fact, please, do let me know)

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  1. I was in CC yesterday and there is a big sign saying we now serve Eggs Benedict & Eggs Royale, so they must do!