This morning I've mostly been planning what Scott & Co Centenary events I'm going to pop along to this year. There are so many great ones I thought I'd share with you my highlights.

THESE ROUGH NOTES @ Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge.
I've already been to this one and its unmissable. Great collection from the SPRI archives, diaries, notes, photographs.

SCOTT'S LAST EXPEDITION @ Natural History Museum - 20th Jan - 2nd Sept.
This is going to be immense. I have tickets for 10am on opening day, oh yes.

WITH SCOTT TO THE POLE @ Royal Geographical Society - 16th Jan - 30th March
Bit annoyed this is only open Mon - Fri (why!!) so I'll have to take a day off work, but on 27th Feb there is a lecture with Dr Wilson's Great-Nephew on his book The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott, so I'm going to make it worth while and go to that I think.

CONQUERING THE ANTARCTIC - 3rd March @ Cadogan Hall
Alas Ben Fogle is no longer going to be reading at this (the man on the phone was VERY sad to about this) but a nice evening of music, images and readings are in store. Fnarr!

I'm sure there will be any number of other little events popping up along the way - although I'm a bit vexed that they seem to think that the only people who might be interested don't have day jobs as a lot of the lectures I'd like to go to are during weekdays - I guess they think only retired folk are interested? I wish I was retired, sigh. I really want to get tickets to the memorial at St Pauls but I can't seem to work out how one acquires tickets. If anyone knows, do let me know.

Check out www.scott.100.org for more events all over the world that are happening.

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