Heart of the Great Alone @ Buckingham Palace.

Despite being incredibly hungover when we went, I very much enjoyed the Heart of the Great Alone exhibition in the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace the other weekend. I mean, obviously. Half Ponting and half Hurley it was a great presentation of Antarctic photography on display for the first time to mark the 100th anniversary of Scott's trip to the pole.

I'm a huge Ponting fan so seeing a lot of these photographs big and up close rather than on a computer screen or in a book was a big deal for me. Some of the photographs previously too small to see certain details, depths I'd missed before. The contents of the shelf behind Scott in that picture, the faces of the men in this picture. The flag flown at the pole by Scott and his team when they got there... the original bound copies of the South Polar Times. The only disappointing part was the lack of paintings by Dr Wilson, I had expected there to be more.

The best part of this exhibition (apart from Oates) was that my ticket is open for a year so I can keep going back. I have an actual waiting list of people to take along. I'll be returning to visit the Captain again soon.


  1. Taking advantage of a few free hours in London before going to Heathrow to catch this in a couple of weeks' time. Booked my tickets today. I can't wait!

  2. This looks like a really beautiful exhibition. x

  3. Rachel you will love it, its really great. I'm excited to go back. Say hello to Oates for me when you are there! I had a total 'wasn't he just the handsomest man' conversation with some random lady when I went. Everyone loves Oates!