Lovely London (it IS real!)

Its too easy to feel overwhelmed in London. I get the tube every day and more often then not I leave it feeling slightly abused, heckles raised, and in a right foul mood after being shoved about, sat on, and generally left agape at the rudeness of human beings.

The Wife just tweeted this wonderful link to an Art on the Underground project where people are encouraged to send in their Random Acts of Kindness stories as experienced on the London Underground. It has got me tearing up at my desk. I couldn't not share this. Here are a few of my favourites so far:

My daughter & I were passed by a WW2 veteran who had clearly come from a memorial service. A red beret fell out of his pocket & onto the platform, but he carried off into the distance without it. Like a flash my daughter sped after him through the crowds & handed him it back. The guy's reaction was so heart-warming. He proceeded to regale her with war tales, all dewy-eyed. Most edifying.

While on the Central line, a gentleman opposite me was sending me inquisitive looks and scribbling on a piece of paper. When I looked again, he held up the paper which read 'you are beautiful'. I treasure this memory, not only for his kindness to say such lovely words, but to have the courage to say them.

Looking around Victoria station, I glanced at a guard at the luggage barrier as I wondered what would be the best exit for my destination. As I turned towards the guard to ask for directions, I was amazed to see that in the few seconds I'd looked away, he had disappeared! He then popped up from the barrier and laughed. I laughed too which made me feel more relaxed for my imminent job interview!

Etc, Etc, Etc.

Such a wonderful project which has improved my Monday Mood tenfold!


  1. I knew you'd be into that website.
    It's so lovely.

  2. Wish I had had even one nice act of kindness on the tube, i passed out once and got 3 stations along before waking up and no one even noticed i was lying on the floor!