During a particularly homesick moment I stumbled upon this perfume from ForStrangeWomen on Etsy, and totally fell for the amazing packaging and the suggested promise of the scent of home. Its very strong, but one whiff and I feel like I'm sitting in the tack shed at my Mum and Dads, sitting on a hay bale, soaping my saddle.

This isn't my typical kind of scent, I generally prefer something quite light citrus or floral, and I don't think this is to every ones tastes, but I'm enjoying smelling like a pony barn for now.

[available here]

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  1. I can't wait to smell this!
    The packaging is beautiful.

    I prefer kinda smoky, heavy smells rather than floral. The kind of perfume that classy older ladies with bleach blonde hair would wear. Ones that have sad eyes, smoke constantly and drink too much gin.