I've stumbled upon some photographs online of the NZ Navy vessel my Grandad was on during his time in the Navy. Say hello to the HMNZS Otago.

I grew up listening to tales of his time on board and these photos have brought it to life. I can't even put into words how much I want to listen to his stories all over again, and write some of them down. Although I have heard all of the tales a million times, I recently realised I didn't ever sit Grandad down and learn more about his time in the Navy. I couldn't even tell you what he did or what rank he was when he left.

He looked damn good in uniform I can tell you that much.


  1. He really did. That is a totally wonderful photo. I keep asking my granny to write some kind of memoir but she is procrastinating - must ask her again, it would be wonderful to read. x

  2. I'm totally emailing my uncle to ask him more about Grandad, he is in the Navy as well and knows all the gossip.

  3. I am always amazed when I see pictures of these big ships being bashed around by the waves (like the top pic). Also, meant to mention to you the other night, Mum reckons that our Grandads must have crossed paths in the navy - I think there's about a 10 year age gap but they both had quite long navy careers so must have been there at the same time. Shame neither of them are around now to ask.