Devil's Dyke

The main thing I wanted to do while we were in Brighton was to get up to Devil's Dyke and go for a bit of a walk. There is an open top bus you can catch which takes up right up to the Dyke, which is about 20 minutes as the open top bus flies above Brighton. It was brilliant. The chaps that run the bus service are really lovely and give you flyers with lots of information about the area which was quite interesting. By the time we got up there it was about half 5 so it wasn't as scorching, but we only had an hour before the last bus back so we didn't do too much walking around. We sat at the top of the hill and watched 2 different village cricket games happening from very far away. I really want to go up again sometime and go for a proper epic hike around the area. On a clear day you can apparently see Windsor Castle. We probably could have if we knew where to look. Definitely recommend it to anyone who is in Brighton and needs to get away from the Dregs down on the seafront.

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