Hide the Gunpowder

Last September, Matthew and I went to Fort Collins Colorado to stay with his Dad for a couple of weeks. It was pretty sweet. We spent most of our spare time riding bikes along the Cache La Poudre River*

I finally got around to scanning the last roll of film from the trip [I am rubbish!] and really like these photos of us chilling beside the river.

We've been talking a bunch about going back out there again this September and I'm really looking forward to it. Looking forward to more adventures up the Poudre, horseback riding in the mountains and the possibility of seeing some MOOSE!

*Until we fell victim to 'Puncture Thorns' and had to walk home which is a whole worst day of my life story.


  1. I love all your Colorado snaps, especially that one with you I commented on once wear you're wearing a nice jumper. There are bears there too, right?!

  2. There are! Grizzly Bears and Black Bears. We didn't see any but there are lots of signs when you get out to the mountains telling you to watch out of they will steal your pic-i-nic baskets!

    Matthew would not let me find one because he does not understand that bears just want hugs.

  3. You should make him watch The Bear Family & Me, and maybe then he'll change his attitude towards (black) bears!