Last night was the final gig for one of my favourite and lovely London bands, Brontosaurus Chorus.

Not only were the Chorus a fine indie pop band, but they are also great friends of mine and a band I was once upon a time lucky enough to travel around the country with, photographing them playing live and eating at services on the road. These were genuinely some of my favourite times and I feel so lucky to have been a part of such a great circle of wonderful and talented people as found in the Chorus. They were so accomedating and made me feel like part of the band, despite the fact that I was just some random with a camera along for the ride.

The gig last night was a fitting end, a great group of people gathered to see them off while they played a mix of their hits and we all danced and sang along and got a bit emotional at the end.

I'm really going to miss these guys.

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