Wildlife Photographer of the Year :: People's Choice Awards

This year, the wonderful Wildlife Photographer of the Year team are calling for US to vote for our favourite from a selection of 50 photographs. Some are obviously cute, some are artistically delightful. I've voted for one that is both (see above; Australian Sea Lions by Michael Patrick O'Neill) - you have until September 5th to cast your vote and should do so here.

I guess this is as good a place as any to reveal that I'm starting an internship working with the team behind the scenes on the upcoming exhibition at the Natural History Museum from September, which is going to be several layers of amazing and I am super excited about!

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition will as always open in October, and if you are into this kind of thing you should probably check out the WPY blog because it is all kinds of cool.

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  1. Oh, congratulations! That should be super interesting and presumably perfect for you. I just read Everland by Rebecca Hunt and thought of you. I had some mixed feelings about it but it is an interesting novel about Antarctic exploration. x