Feb/March Bookpile

February and March bled together this year, I was lying on a beach during the time when one turned into the other so this months bookpile is a double pile of the utter nonsense I devoured whilst I was dozing on said beach losing track of time.

Vampire Academy is surprisingly excellent, if you like teenagers and vampires and potentially attractive Russian cowboys (?!) you will enjoy this book immensely. I guess its kind of similar to Buffy? I'm pretty excited for the film coming out in April (and Divergent, what a month for YA movies omg).

I finally caught up with the rest of London and read the rest of Aaronovitch's Peter Grant series, which is superb and gets better with each book. I like that the only way to describe these books is "Harry Potter but in the Police and grown up" then there is a substantial amount of hilarious Harry Potter references scattered throughout. Oh the hilarity.

Do not ask me what convinced me to start reading the tripe that is the Sookie Stackhouse novels but I picked them up in an op shop for $3 each and couldn't put the first one down despite making noises like 'huh' and 'pfft' during the course of the 3 days it took me to finish it. I had already tried reading it once before - prior to the YABC times, Lipsy and I would print out a chapter of the first book, read it and add our comments (examples like "how did this get published!" and "I think I wrote a story like this when I was 14") in RED then post it on. Hilarity ensued - but it only lasted about 3 chapters. I guess being half asleep helped me to enjoy it this time around and I've gotten as far as the second book. I gave up on True Blood after Season 3. I now own 4 of the books and I guess I'll save them for days when I need a laugh - although, Eric Northman where have you been all of my life.

I vow to read some proper grown up books in April.

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  1. Grown-up books = pffft! But Eric Northman = Blates!

  2. ummm the sookie books are soooo much better than the garbage show. although she completely ruined the series with the last book so do not ever read that one, thanks.

  3. I am a vampire book fan, but the Sookie books are only worth it for Eric and I stopped reading after number 4 if I'm honest - we also stopped watching the show as well, theres only so much you can do with what you're given haha. I can get my alex skarsgard fix elsewhere too.

    Have you ever read any of the Laurell K Hamilton, Anita Blake series? If you like vampires and want to read much (much!) more grown up books, I would recommend those - though perhaps the grown up is more explicit than um, mature? haha. Still worth a look if you like that kind of thing. They pretty much ruined all other vampire books for me as I love them so much.

    I've been looking for new books to read though so I'm adding Aaronovitch to my list, thanks!

    1. SEXY VAMPIRES - SIGN ME UP!!! I've already forgotten the Sookie books, you are right there are much more satisfying places to get some Skarsgard!

  4. Read this post and promptly bought the first Peter Grant book. So London, so funny! Have just happily finished the second one. Thanks!