Kitchen Time: Cereal Saves Lives.

I'm pretty sure everyone already knows how good graze boxes are, but I just got a bunch of the Breakfast Variety boxes in and they have basically saved my life, so I wanted to give them a shout out.
Since I left my day job, I've been pretty out of routine. I keep forgetting to eat, and having random sachets of cereal around has saved my bones through many a hAnGry creative blockage in the past few weeks.
YUM. Actually the orange ones aren't that good but thats possibly just because I hate orange. Rocky Road is where the money is. Cereal is literally the best snack. I recently discovered that I might only think that because my parents are firm believers in the "if you are hungry have a bowl of cereal" method of raising children, but I'm going to stand behind it. I have a bowl of this stuff before bed every night and the variety of these boxes keeps it interesting. Alpen, I mean its good but after half a box I get a bit bored.
This was a really boring blog about cereal brought to you by GRAZE.

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  1. whaaaaaaaaat? I get a graze box, but we don't have these amazing breakfast ones in the US