Shop Talk: Summertime Totes

If you are following me on twitter, you've probably noticed me dropping big fat hints that I have been working on a new product that would be ready to purchase this week, just in time for Summer and the general larks that go along with this balmy time of year.

It is with a great flourish of a curtain and the sound of trumpets that I share with you all -
The Summertime Tote! Do you love it, I love it. Super big to fit all your bottles of Pimms and picnic blankets, digitally printed with a photograph of some yellow roses and an A1 lyric which perfectly sums up how I feel about the Summer of 2014 (despite this song being released in 1999) - so many great things are happening and I feel like carrying around this little bit of positivity will make sure they happen to you as well.

I am so furiously pleased with how these came out, I've been carrying mine around all weekend with glee, and I've been hand stitching little arrows into each of them as a secret treat for you all.
Are you sold yet? Then head over to my new store and hook yourself up. There are only 25 of these bad boys, so snaffle them before they get snaffled!

I'll let A1 sing you out - in case you don't get the reference at all, let me enhance your life thus:

If you were on the mailing list, you found out about these yesterday and got first dibs and free shipping. If you aren't on the mailing list, you probably should be for more dealios like this. So head over here to sign up.

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