Keats House

Keats House is a wonderful museum and literary centre dedicated to the memory of Romantic poet, John Keats, who lived in the house and wrote some of his most inspired poems here.  It is a nice wee spot, hidden away in leafy Hampstead, and if you like going to houses which look much like they did in the olden times to see how people lived, you will enjoy Keats House, even if you don't give a monkey's about Romantic Poetry.
Its small, but lovely. The weak winter light streaming through the big windows on the day I visited was heavenly. There is lots of infomation everywhere on the various families that have lived in the house over the years - if you are a fan of the film Bright Star (and ladies, who isn't) it cannot be missed.
I want to move in immediately. Afterwards you can go on a lovely walk around Hampstead Heath, or perhaps just walk around the streets, imagining you have enough money to live anywhere in Hampstead at all.
I visited Keats House in December 2013, visit their website to find out more.

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