catch up

- I can't stop scrolling through Young's perfect photo-blog.
These photographs. They are wonderful and I love the HUGE format on my screen.
- For me, the best thing that happened on the internet this week was Frosty the Snow Goat, as seen above. Watch it and weep.
- Lets get political! Ok maybe not too political.
- I really loved this post about how to improve blog readership. Useful. (via @meigs )
#whyimvotingukip was hilarious, until you scrolled so far back you hit the actual Ukip supporters and it got a bit Hunger Games.
- I loved this google doodle.
- If you aren't following @xfilesbutemoji - you simply are not living.

(literally cannot stop laughing at that one)
- Old Cinemas.
- Old Photographs.
- My dear friend Katie's business turned one and she blogged about it. She is such an inspiration queen!

And from the shameless files
- Alex really liked her prints which I really liked
- I took some more photographs of beer and Matt wrote a short story about pork and I let him use some of my favourite photographs from the USA times.

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