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Hello Monday! I haven't done one of these in a while, but I have seen lots of good things on the internet lately and would like to share them.

~ I watched the Grand Budapest Hotel and it affected me in a strange way - it made me see the world in a different way and want to take better photographs of more beautiful things. This post on Germany's Real-Life Grand Budapest Hotel has inspired me all over again, weeks after seeing the film. Hey does anyone want to go to random towns in the middle of nowhere in Germany? Lets go.
~ These icebergs. I just cannot.
~ While in New Zealand I was exposed to a lot of Lorde. I otherwise hadn't given her much thought at all but her album is amazing and I can't stop listening to this song and wishing I was 16.
~ I have been dreaming about giant moth friends ever since I saw this post on iGnant.
~ Home envy.
~ In local news, I work on top of a plague pit! All of my dreams are coming true.
~ Eternal girl crush / inspiration queen Alice Forestbound kills it again.
~ I've discovered the photographs of Jordan Carroll via the Instagram and I love her photographs of girls with sass, this one is my favourite.
~ If you fancy losing yourself in some photographs for a while, look no further.
~ Oh Kate Miss is there anything you can't do? These postcards are delightful, and this post On Smiling changed my week. I hope reading it changes your week too. Since reading it I've noticed myself acknowledging when a stranger flashes me a smile, and enjoying smiling back. Love a good smile.
~ Sophie wrote some nice things about me and other nice people on her blog, The Private Life of a Girl.

Told you there was lots to catch up on. I've also started using Bloglovin' as a reader, you can follow me here and of course, this blog here.

Oh and I've started my tumblr back up again, which I will use more than my facebook to share new things/projects/work so you should tune in.

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  1. I absolutely agree about the Grand Budapest Hotel...I was so absorbed in the photography that I totally neglected what was happening in the story :) Visually delightful! Love those Santorini photos too - so pure!