Cemetery Tour - Abney Park Cemetery

A cold winters day, early 2013.
I took myself and my camera off to Abney Park Cemetery for a wander.
I love Abney, its a beautiful, overgrown wilderness full of scary men and cute goth kids and winding pathways and robins and graves with good names on them like HARRIETT and crows and crumbling angels and foxes and its a dream to photograph. I'm so glad I shot on black and white.
Abney Park Cemetery was the first non-demoninational cemetery in Europe, so its got a wonderful mix of graves and history. The war memorial is superb (not pictured here though) and its also one of the Magnificent Seven London cemeteries. I hope to visit all seven this year. I need to find a cemetery buddy though because this place was really creepy (in a good way) and I got followed by some strange men and had to leg it (don't be put off by this though - its totes amaze). I'm taking applications for buddies in the usual places.


  1. Hi. I'm sorry you felt followed at Abney and couldn't stay as long as you like. It really helps us if people can report such incidents to the Trust. If you could email info@abneypark.org with details of when and where you were followed and a description of the people you felt intimidated by it would really help us.
    I do hope you feel you can visit Abney again. We do sometimes have relatively more single men wandering around than perhaps is usual because the site does attract members of the homosexual community for particular recreational purposes(!). But they are generally only interested in each other and tend not to bother other park users! However, if you are unware of this, it can seem strange and threatening.

    1. Hi Kirsten! Thats so good to know. They were probably harmless but a couple of rough looking chaps drinking and making lewd comments were a little intimidating. I'll be sure to let you know if it happens again. I'm such a huge fan of Abney and have so many plans to come back again, fret not!

      Hope you liked the photographs!

  2. Sorry to hear that Dianne, if you are able to email details that would really help us. It's such a shame a few people with issues spoil this magical place for others. The Trust is trying to combat this on several fronts, including encouraging more people to visit, more events, guided walks etc. Come to our Spring Fun Day on 12 April if you can - hopefully it will be warmer and full of nicer people! Thanks for posting such lovely photos!