Make it Through the Dark Tip #6 - Spicy Pumpkin Coconut Soup

I get through the long dark of Winter by cooking lots of nice food. Last year I did a little blog series on this and I thought I would continue this tradition because it was fun.

I've had a lot of different kinds of pumpkin and squash come through from Abel & Cole this Autumn, and have become rather fond of a good pumpkin soup. Add a good dollop of red thai curry paste and it warms the cockles for the perfect lunch on cold wintery days. Pumpkins keep for a while as well so I'm stocking up to make this all winter.
As with everything in my kitchen inventory its a bit slap-dash as far as recipe goes.

Take some pumpkin/squash, peel and remove seeds, cut into chunks. Any pumpkin would do, each different kind makes the soup taste different and its quite fun to try different types. I've been using around half/three quarters of a pumpkin depending on how much flesh is in each and how much soup I want to make.

Fry a sliced onion and a few knobs of garlic off in a little oil, add a good dollop of red thai curry paste (minimum 1 tablespoon, but this is dependent on how spicy you like it to taste or how blocked your nose is), throw in pumpkin chunks. Fry them off a bit then add a tin of coconut milk and if you fancy it maybe some chicken stock. Leave it to simmer for about 20 minutes. Whazz it up with a hand blender or in a food processor.
Chop up some nice bread.
Maybe take some to work the next day for lunch.

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