IN CONTEXT - how to be a witch

I saw this witch cat painting in a charity shop when I was in New Zealand a couple of years ago and I really wanted it but took a photo instead, and here are a bunch of other perfect witchy things for perfect witch cats out there that it looks perfect with.

Magical draping on this perfect dress // I'm a huge fan of ForStrangeWomen perfumes, perfect packaging, perfect scents // witch kitten print from the ice floe store // sterling silver ace of swords necklace by BloodMilk // these smokey grey shoes are handmade perfection // I feel like if you get that sword necklace, you need to get this black cat bowl to put it in on your dresser because it would look perfect // with this Behemoth and the World print by Kaye Blegvad hanging above it // and the IDGAF book of spells next to it.

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