Autumn Adventures

This Autumn I learnt that I am a reverse hibernator (possibly the result of being from the Southern Hemisphere) After spending a sweltering Summer flopping around reading a pile of books and bemoaning the heat, in Autumn I felt like I came back to life, winding down after a pretty intense Summer work-wise and enjoying myself with a weekend jaunt to Kent to see dead things and flitting off to America twice on holidays (and once more with work if you count that I am there again right now), seeing bands play (remember when that was something we did every weekend). I officially welcomed stew season, pumpkin season, warm blankets and big socks seasons with open arms. Enjoying the misty light of Autumn and its accompanying seasonal ailments, watching several seasons of Grey's Anatomy and Veronica Mars, walking through leaves, standing in graveyards in the rain.

(all pictures via instagram)

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