sharing the feathery love.

I've been spending a lot of time drawing feathers again. This is something I've always done, for some odd reason I find it good for processing things and I sometimes do it without even noticing. Another thing I've not been noticing is how expensive photography and painting are as hobbies, and after a few people expressing an interest in my feather drawings on instagram recently, I thought I could combine these two things I haven't been noticing and benefit everyone.

So I've made a little listing in my etsy store where you can make a small donation of £3 and in exchange, I will send you a feather drawing. This might be one I've already done, this might be one I have yet to do, this might be one I draw especially for you. But by making this small donation you will be helping me to buy and process film, and in exchange you will get a lucky feather to frame, to give away, to use as a bookmark, or just to brighten your day.

You can see the listing and buy yourself a little feather HERE.
Thank you to everyone who reads, comments and shares this little blog. A blog is a strange thing. I process photographs, I put them here, sometimes people tell me they like them and sometimes they do not, but I know people look at them and they break up the boredom in some peoples lives, and I know my work here is done. x

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