Meet the People @ Harringay Market - Makaroon

Once again we venture to the glorious Harringay Market to meet another trader of delicious treats. This week I am honoured to introduce Ellie & Chris of Makaroon, who bring us crazy new twists on an old French favourite.

Tell us a bit about your business, how long has your business been running, and how did it start?
We started trading in December 2012, we found we were spending all our money on expensive macarons from the likes of Selfridges in order to feed our habit. So we decided to start making them ourselves with our own imaginative flavours.

Everyone loves Macarons! What is it about them that you love?
Everything! The taste, the texture, the limitless flavours you can create.

What do you prefer - traditional macaron flavours, or wacky experiment flavours?
We of course prefer wacky experimental flavours, you can't live without the classics but gingerbread or mojito flavours were pretty life changing! 

I know you guys love to play around and try new flavours. Tell me about some favourites - or about any that have totally failed?!
Chris's favourite is banoffee and mine is quadruple chocolate, no disastrous fails yet but many unrisen batches, one small change can make a big difference.

What made you choose Harringay Market, what do you love about it?

We had heard it was good for up and coming traders, and now we feel really involved and love the community feel of the market, 

Do you have any favourite small/independent businesses you want to sing about from the rooftops?
Capo caccia fine foods which is where we get our salami and cheese from every week freshly imported from Sardinia. And our good friend at All Scone who work magic with the humble scone!  

Do you have your fingers in any other pies? Do you have “day jobs” and if so, how do you find the balance between running an independent business along side this? 
We both work full time jobs in the city, it's hard to maintain the balance sometimes, social lives have come second to baking, but we are very passionate about our macaroons and hard work pays off.
What’s your favourite thing about running an independent business?
Eating all the left overs! And making our ideas a reality without endless management meetings. 

Where can people get hold of your tasty treats if they can’t make it down to Harringay?
They can email us on or out twitter @elliemakaroon. We can do orders for things like weddings and birthdays.
AND FINALLY Do you have any grand master plans for the future you can let us in on?
Eventually we will have our own shops in all the major European cities! 
But till then... Harringay market it is! 

You can follow Makaroon for more info on twitter HERE and visit them every Sunday at Harringay Market. For more information on the market itself please see the Harringay Market website.

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