they said it would never happen

I'm downsizing my camera collection! These 3 are now for sale in the store.

1/ Polaroid Land Camera 1000. I've had some good times with this guy but I have another camera that is basically the same (and to be honest, my Polaroid phase died about the same time I stopped listening to Death Cab for Cutie and dying my hair black) (none of those things are related or relevent) so this little guy with his cheery rainbow face can go on to someone else. Takes great photographs and looks cool.

2/ A complete Holga kit! I have filters that do crazy things, a camera, all the accessories.

3/ This little Brownie is super cute and seems to work fine, but I just don't use it. Takes 127 BUT I just discovered that you can get a 35mm film in it which could be fun.

Get in touch if you would like to make an offer - mostly I just want these to go to a good home.

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