Make it Through the Dark Tip #4

I was bought up on a healthy diet of Rich Brown Stew (RBS), and its evolved form, Two Day Stew (TDS) and find in these dark days I eat little else at weekends. Hearty, easy, and a good excuse to not leave the house all day.

There really is no set in stone recipe to share here, just the bung it in a pot and let it stew method that has been passed down through the ages. Good quality beef (I chose oxtail in this instance), end of the week vege that needs using up, lots of garlic, bay leaves, a bottle of white wine (-1 glass for yourself, it is the weekend after all), some flour to thicken. Leave on the hob on a low heat all day Saturday.

... take it easy while it does all the hard work itself (stir occasionally)

Consume what you can with fresh bread, leave what you can't eat in the pot with a lid on to re-use the next day. If its beef, its totally fine to just leave on the hob in the pot, and you are going to boil it again for several hours, so risk of infection is low. 

Day two, reactivate the leftovers. Add more vege, bay leaves and garlic, a bottle of your boyfriends fancy stout, oxo cubes.

(... and a sprig of the rosemary you stole on your way home from the pub last night.)

Optional: a teaspoon of paprika. 

Leave to simmer again for all of Sunday while you watch Six Feet Under and make out with your cat.

 Consume again, and die happy.


  1. awesome, thanks for sharing, i need to do this. my boys are picky eaters ugh but i will bring the irish out in them if it kills me.