Make it Through the Dark Tip #3

#3 Porridge. Every morning and as many times during the day as socially acceptable.

1 part oats / 2 parts cold water (or milk if you are rich) / sprinkle of cinnamon / wadge of butter / bring to the boil / stir (with wrong end of wooden spoon, not sure why I learnt this way) until thick.

Serving Suggestions:
 His = brown sugar, butter, milk // Hers = spiced stewed apples, honey, milk.

*edit - I use that end of the spoon because my family are Scottish and a Scottish friend just pointed out that in Scotland they use a spurtle to stir porridge, so I guess that makes sense.


  1. Porridge is definitely at it's best this time of year. I've been eating porridge for lunch lately and it's fantastic (lots of butter, honey and milk).

  2. I have my steel cut oatmeal every morning...and for other meals if I feel lazy during the winter months. It's a comfort food for me. Lately, I've been enjoying overly plump blackberries with mine - I'm taking advantage of being in California, with their berries aplenty, during my stay here.

  3. Porridge has been my breakfast every day for the past month or so.
    <3 Oats while I read about Oates.

  4. Looks so good! I guess it's like oatmeal for us yanks, right? ;)