Megan got in contact with me via Etsy earlier in the summer to see if she could send me some films for the DBL-EX project. 4 months later and I've finally finished our first roll together (there is a second!) and it is CRAZY and I love it.
This is why I love doing this. It takes me outside of my comfort zone, and they never come out how you would expect. Mixing it up and working with someone new is great.
The longer I look at these the more I slip into some kind of brain addled trance. Trying to focus on any one image turns my brain inside out.
I can't wait to get some printed up for the store. Stay tuned!
If you want to send in a film for the DBL-EX fun time project, drop me a line at dianneohdeer (at) gmail (dot) com. The best prints from each roll will be sold at and profits are split between both photographers. 

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