A while ago now, Suzi came round with this little guy. I took him out for a test run with some B&W film in him, and it was weird. I thought that I was just so used to shooting on an SLR that maybe my little fingers had crept up in front of the lens, you know like when your Gran is taking photographs? So I put some colour film through it, and this is how it came out.

That is not my fingers! Light leaks I guess, despite the camera being covered in tape to prevent this, I think I worked out that the light is leaking in where the winder is, which is impossible to tape up.
The overlapping frames I was expecting - this camera is supposed to take 127, which clearly I did not use. Its impossible to know how many times to wind the film on to get to the next frame, so I was winging it.
It has been fun trying this out, and extremely novel to have a camera that doesn't weigh the same as a baby elephant in my bag, but I don't think "toy cameras" are for me? I don't like that you can't frame the photograph properly - the viewfinder thing is weird - to me it all feels a bit like it comes down to luck. The whole Lomography "shoot from the hip" concept is lost on me. I like to know what I've taken photographs of, and how I expect them to come out. I'm old school I guess.

That said, I really don't hate these photographs at all, and it was really fun to try something new!

*disclaimer - I do respect and enjoy the work of a lot of people who do take beautiful photographs using this method of shooting, it is just not for me. So don't freak out.


  1. I agree. I've seen this around town, but I prefer people using their camera to capture the stories he see.

  2. That cat is brilliant. Looks like he's got heat rays coming out of his eyes as he hovers over them.

  3. i have to say that i think they look amazing. i know some people get snobbish about light leaks, but i think it adds to the beauty of the pictures, because it's always a surprise.

    but, i think part of the fun of film for me is not knowing what i took a picture of or how it will turn out, so maybe that's why i like toy cameras!

    1. TBH I wrote this blog post like 4 days before it posted and now I really really love these photos and want to take more crazy shizz like this. I think its just really different for me and a lot of what I generally take photos of I want to keep as memories, so it was a bit weird to get these back and not even be able to tell what they were photos of.

      oh man i am still drunk.

  4. These are brilliant. Personally, I love a good light leak.