Crouch End Coffee Tour: My Kind of Coffee

Woah woah woah hold on - I know the coffee tour segment of this blog started after joking that Crouch End had too many coffee shops, but I don't think its a war? Is it? Oh it is. How exciting!

Once more into the breach then countrymen -
 I remember when My Kind of Coffee first opened, and we were pretty excited about being able to get freshly roasted coffee on the way home from shopping at the weekends and we did and it wasn't that great. I've avoided going in since, but thought I'd give it another go. It seems pretty busy at the weekends and their salt beef sandwiches are apparently 'world famous'? Can't be all bad.
Let me start with my one major complaint about My Kind of Coffee. These god-awful chairs. Sure, they are comfortable once you can eventually get yourself into them, if you can get them out from under the table to begin with and if the person sitting behind you doesn't then shove theirs into your back so you are stuck, forever, wedged between the chair and the table, until you are old and die. They just aren't very practical. I'm sure one or 2 dotted around would be nice, but every table has them and they are heavy and take up a lot of room. There, thats it, its off my chest, I feel much better now I've said it. Lets move on.
The coffee was GOOD although the cups were so small we had to order 2 - and you can't pick them up by the handle because its those small handles that fingers don't fit into. Am I nit picking? Possibly. But don't underestimate a functional mug handle. V. important.

They have a nice selection of tea (tea-pigs I think, American Key Lime tea anyone?), and I didn't try any food I would love to hear if anyone has? How does one get their salt beef sandwiches to be 'world famous' someone out there must have tried one - presumably enough to talk about them all over the world? I'm not ok with the term 'world famous' being thrown about without evidence of this. Can someone in say, Zanzibar confirm that they have in fact, heard of these salt beef sandwiches? Answers on a postcard please.
I like that they grind their own beans and stuff, might try some of that Crouch End Blend.

In summary - coffee = good. Chairs = bad. Salt beef sandwiches = apparently world famous, although I didn't see anyone eating one to confirm this.

End of report.

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  1. Agree with all of the above and will add that the homemade salted caramel truffle things were delicious as was the other choccy nibble things. I'd go back if they get proper cups.