Crouch End Coffee Tour - Hot Pepper Jelly Cafe

I'm going to go out on a limb here an d say that Hot Pepper Jelly is probably the best place in Crouch End to go for a proper cooked breakfast. Its a bit like a greasy spoon, but the Crouch End version so a bit nice. They make their own baked beans, make incredible smoothies, and do wonderful things like MEXICAN BREAKFAST. I'm a big fan of a fancy eggs benny for breakfast but sometimes, you just want a full English, right?
I really recommend the Mexican Breakfast. I fell in love with breakfast tacos when in Texas recently and this is the closest thing to it I've found (in Crouch End obviously) - essentially its just eggs and guacamole in a tortilla but the bean salsa on the side is off the hook. Bacon is a side dish, because sometimes you need bacon. As a side note this was A LOT of food and I actually ate most of it at home later for lunch. But seriously - that bean salsa.

I also love that you can just build your own breakfast from their menu. This is Suzi's choice. Hash browns -just wonderful. Also as a side note I really recommend the black pudding stack, which is my normal go-to option.
The coffee isn't magnificent but it does the job and isn't half bad. The real treat is the smoothies, ya'll can get some extra shots of wheat grass and stuff for extra health bonus points.
 I think HPJ is the first food establishment in Crouch End I ever fell in love with, and I really don't go in enough. They always have great cakes, good artwork on the wall by local children, and the girls in there are super nice. Definitely one of the all time great Crouch End establishments.

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  1. YUM. This sounds like just the kind of place I would love to eat at every other weekend.