Eventing Finals @ Greenwich Park

I still can't quite believe that I actually managed to pick up last minute tickets to the Eventing finals on Tuesday. It was pretty magical to be there to see NZ pick up a Bronze in the team event.

My Mum sent me a really sweet email saying that right before Mark Todd rode, the camera panned around looking for a New Zealand flag amongst the sea of GB supporters and found one attached to me, which made her cry through the whole of Toddy's round. Bless.

And when it seemed there were no flag poles anywhere to raise flags on during the medal ceremony, lo and behold directly behind me this happened -

What a great time to be in London the Olympics are turning out to be!

[a few more snaps on my flickr]


  1. Wow! How cool, that you were there!!! I can imagine the magic... Very nice pictures you took!

    And: Congrats to the NZ-Team!

  2. I proper welled up reading this x

  3. Very cool! Nice to see the Canada flag in your pics :)