Photographs of Photographs

One of the weirdest parts of having a print store I'm finding is having to take photographs of photographs. I'm sure its not necessarily necessary, but it feels nice to give them a sense of context.

Its kind of fun though. It always starts off very organised
But by the end of the day my front room looks like this
I think I am trying to create the illusion of a photograph on your bedside table, or something?
Anyway, that's what I've been doing all weekend. New prints are starting to dribble into the print store and will continue to do so as the week progresses.

I'm also selling a bunch of stuff on eBay right now, which you can check out HERE.

BTW we have a kitten now, her name is Cricket.


  1. Photographs of photographs great title ;) But phew, it looks like a lot of work!

    Aww, hello, Cricket! She is really cute!

  2. Awww, Cricket is absolutely adorable! And I really like the display with the flowers and perfumes.