teeny tiny worlds

I've had this small collection of stone beads for a while now, waiting to find their purpose. One day it struck me that they look like tiny planets.
One spring Saturday later and I have made a new collection for the store - tiny worlds. Each stone bead is paired with a complimentary chain for you to carry with you on your wrist. Maybe alone, maybe teamed to make a solar system.
Its strange how such tiny beads can all be so deep and different. Some have been paired with even smaller beads (moons!) and some are giants, not unlike our own friend Jupiter. I obviously have had fun making up stories for each of them, and picking names from my book of classical mythology using a strict 'open on a page, pick the best name from that page' method (that is what the science guys do too right?) - so far my favourite is FORNAX - the goddess of the oven that bakes the bread.
The bonus is that these guys are also super cute and nice to wear, I sold a bunch at the Muswell Hill Market and have had orders from friends rolling in. You can pick up yours in store now - and if you can't decide which planet you want to keep as your own, there is the MYSTERY WORLD option - let me choose for you from the vast universe of options (er yeah thats the tin I keep the beads in)

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