New for Spring.

Dusty Rose, Rhondonite & layered chain collar length necklace.

Mooncubes, Moonstone on copper chain statement necklace.

Glacier Blue, Amazonite & layered chain collar length necklace.

Quartzicles, Clear quartz points on delicate gold chain.

Spring is here and new stone treats are in the store now to purchase. All of the above are made in limited edition runs of 5 only - so get in quick! Lots more to come in the next few weeks. Its been action stations.


  1. So pretty. Really wishing I didn't have random metal allergies.
    Maybe when I build up my collection of collared shirts I'll treat myself to one!

  2. So beautiful - and beautifully shot!

    1. Thanks lovely, I totally took the still shots on my iPhone so am a bit scared they look shitty, but I like them, so whatevs. <3