...it took me ages to work out that the beaver in the sign was a bit rude.

Here is the thing about going on holiday with my beloved to visit his Dad in sunny Colorado.

I get dragged around breweries. Lots and lots of breweries. I don't even generally drink beer but its something my boyfriend is a bit passionate about so I like to indulge him. And drink only the pumpkin beers that are on offer at each establishment. Pumpkin. Beer. You guys.

Anyway, one day we took a little tiki tour out to Loveland in search of this place. I pulled a classic girlfriend 'er its not even a bar its a shed I'm waiting in the car' face at first but then the next thing I know I was drinking cider from a mason jar with some cool old guys and it felt like prohibition. Cider wasn't even on the menu they just have it for when girlfriends get dragged along.

Good times.

If you like beer (it seems to be fashionable if my instagram feed is anything to go by) y'all should check out the boyfriends blog TOTAL ALES. Bless him its nice that he has an interest isn't it.

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