giving away spring -- closed

Time for a giveaway methinks.

I made this necklace, a close relative of both the dusty rose and galcier blue necklaces - pink on blue stones, silver and gunmetal hanging chain, to sit comfortably upon the delicate collar bones of a lovely reader of this here blog.

-- this giveaway is now closed --


  1. once upon a time there was an old crone who wanted a necklace. a very special necklace, and she wanted it very very badly. and she knew that if she had it, she would feel all the power of the stones and they would transform her into a beautiful maiden. so she wished for this necklace with all her might.

    we'll have to wait and see about the ending.

  2. There once was a unicorn who lived in the clouds . She wished for some friends so she traveled far and wide . Her name was Moonstone and flew to the ground surprised by many new creatures . Moonstone had never seen creatures such as frogs , turtles , horses , and the regular animals we are used to . She finally found a friend named Victor the frog and was fine with anyone who kind and easy to get along with . She even took him to visit her town of clouds and all was well between them .

    The moral of the story is to find friends for who accept you for you and truly value your friendship . It's not about quantity but the quality of having the company of a good and true friend .

  3. I just slept for 13 hours, and can not clear the clouds from my head in order to come up with a good story, or tell one I have been told. I do, however, love that necklace, so so so much.


  4. Probably one of the weirdest and most random thing to happen to me was getting into a fight with Ryan Gosling at an art opening in LA. I was at a weird stage in my life and also I was pretty drunk. Right before that, I peed in an alley. I hope this story makes me the winner! I want this necklace!

  5. Once upon a time there was a hippopotamus called Gertude. She liked drinking tea, typing letters to her far away friends on her favourite yellow typewriter and, of course, a nice hot muddy bath. One day, whilst having one of her many mud baths, she felt something fall onto her floral showercap. It was an adventuring frog by the name of Ethel. Ethel sat on Gertrude's cap for hours telling stories of her travels and all the creatures she'd met and the wonderful places she'd seen. Gertrude's heart fluttered as she listened and wished she could see the world like Ethel had done. And with that Ethel disappeared, leaving only a pretty necklace behind. Gertrude picked it up and put it round her neck. This will be my lucky charm, because tomorrow I'm starting my own adventure.

  6. There was a lover and his lass went walking in the spring. They strayed too far into the rose wood...... and I'll leave the rest to you.......


  7. I started seeing this guy and we were comparing favourite movies. I told him he must borrow my copy of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I was away for a couple weeks and thought he probably wouldn't want to see me again after I made him watch a transexual musical. But it turned out he loved it and now we're married, so it's all good.

  8. Oh my goodness, I thought it couldn't get better than the dusty rose and glacier ones, and then I saw this.

    Once upon a time four friends (a Canadian, an American, an Iranian-Brit and an Italo-Brit - sounds like the start of a joke and not a story) made their way to Bruges for a fun weekend of architecture-admiring and beer-sampling. They arrived in the beautiful Markt square to find it drenched in sunshine, and delighted by their good luck they marched over to the Belfry to climb it for a better view.

    Only to find that it was closed to visitors until the end of March, for repairs. At which they exclaimed, "F**kin' Bruges" à la Colin Farrel.

    Not so lucky after all, they opted instead for the Chocolate Museum. Which did not let them down at all.

    1. FUCKIN' BRUGES you totally are the winner.

    2. YES! Oh wow, this has absolutely made my day. Thank you so much! xo

  9. In a different world, people speak in colors. They are more complex biologically than us; instead of speaking at three hundred vibrations/second, they speak at forty trillion to seventy-five trillion vibrations/second, depending on the color. People hold white canvases to speak their colors onto. But, like human nature, this has become materialized and people frequently change or keep collections of different boards: studded, leather, transparent, and such. The boards are a symbol of money, of social status, and it was unheard of to carry a plain white board.

    They speak using the varying saturation, shadows and tints of the colors they can speak, like we use vowels and consonants. Most people can’t speak in the entire visible light spectrum. These people are rare, like singers who can hit good notes.

    There was a girl who could not speak with such high vibrations; she spoke with sounds, like us. It was a mutation, and to the quiet people who spoke visually, it was quite frightening.

    To the red-haired prince who spoke in the most pleasant and lowest range of colors, red and orange, it was quite beautiful. Although that world outlawed birds in the city, who vocalized and disrupted the silences quite a lot, he would creep out into edge of the forest to hear them sing.

    As the prince, he ordered his subjects to bring him this girl. He spoke in saturated red midtones, dipping into orange to portray his urgency. His canvas was plain, bordered with gold crowns.

    In two weeks, they brought the prince back the girl. He fell in love with her at first sight, and ordered her to sing immediately.
    Having not used her voice in years, she shook as she began to sing in a scratchy, hollow voice.

    pfff, in the unlikely event that i do win, i'll continue this. x
    email: chockittah (at)

  10. I was getting on the train and saw an old woman with a TINY BABY. It did not look real. I thought a) old woman b) that baby is TINY. I came to the conclusion - THIS IS ONE OF THOSE FAKE BABIES THAT LOOKS ODDLY CREEPY AND REAL.

    Sat down. Could SEE THE BABY through the seat in front of me. Stared at it. Stared at the woman. DEFOZ FAKE DEFOZ FAKE. So I turned to the person next to me and said, “…I really think that baby is fake. Like one of those dolls.” She gave me an odd look and said, “No, it’s just a new born. They are always really tiny.” I felt really embarrased.

    Met the guy I’m “DATING” (ooh how cool) and his BEST FRIEND (first time meeting omg omg omg) and we were shopping. I saw a baby doll and was reminded of this train incident. I told them this.

    They said it was MENTAL to say to a stranger that I think a baby is fake.

    Both now think I’m a mentalist.



  11. Once upon a time I saw Kurt Cobain naked in a bathtub.