Long Overdue Return to Film.

So I finally got around to dropping some films in to get processed and scanned today and am really happy with the results. I've been putting it off for a while as previously I had been scanning them in myself, which leads to me hating all of my photos as it is the single most frustrating and mundane task in the land. I finally convinced myself to go back to paying someone else to do it for me, and its totally worth it.

I've been shooting mostly on my Yashica TL-ElectroX, which has its own issues. The lady is not the lightest camera in the world. I'm fairly sure I could kill a man with her if I wanted to, she weighs the same as a small whale (mayhaps a minke, or fin whale specifically). I'm fairly certain the light meter on it is shot - I end up shooting on instinct and ignoring that entirely. Which means I am hesitant to get films processed, sure that they are all going to be rubbish and over/under exposed. As we can see above, this is not the case. And I am overjoyed.

I forsee myself taking the old girl out for a spin more frequently this year, which is great because I actually started this blog as somewhere to share my adventures in film and well, I'm pretty sure this is the first post I've done which has actually delivered that.

I feel like I've got my mojo back a bit. About time.

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  1. These are really, really beautiful shots. Thank you for sharing them!