Last Days of the Arctic @ Proud Gallery Chelsea

Some beautiful photos on display at Proud Chelsea at the moment - Ragnar Axelsson's Last Days of the Arctic. These don't do the exhibition justice - I recomend it if you are nearby.  While I am genuinely upset by the site of dead Narwhals in kayaks, I am nevertheless endlessly in love with the people of the Arctic.
(couple of cheeky instagrams I took)

Betweeen this and the book I'm reading at the moment (Sarah Wheeler's 'Terra Incognita' since you asked) I have have started 2012 with a strange feeling which I think is generally described as 'wanderlust'.


  1. These are all amazing images! I haven't read a thing about Arctic/Antarctic expeditions, but now I want to!

  2. This surprises me Michelle, this is well up your alley I think. I recommend starting here - a great read, brings the whole era to life. I want to read more about the Arctic, and go to Greenland! Not sure about the Polar Bear trousers though.

  3. There's so much amazing Scott stuff going on, I just wish it wasn't so London-centric. And wish I wasn't stuck under and ever-growing pile of masters work. Whatever, I'll just have to skive for a day and get my Scott on.

    I want that Wheeler book!