Kew Gardens the First

Before I moved to London, my good friend Kirsten told me about how when she was living over here she would go to Kew Gardens when she felt homesick and sit in the New Zealand section of the green houses and pretend she was at home. That was 8 years ago that she told me that, and its taken me until now to get myself down to Kew. Sadly, it looked like the New Zealand section had been closed (renovations or some such) but I still enjoyed that feeling of home walking under the ferns and nikau palms teaching Sarah Carr how to make a choice as sledge out of a nikau palm frond. 

I really didn't know how to split these photos up I took so many (it was such a beautiful day) so here is random batch #1. 

That giant puffer was so good. He sat at the back of his tank eyeing us up then swam over and kissed us through the glass. Adorable.


  1. I really want to visit here!

  2. These photos are fantastic. I want to go so badly! I'm a bit in love with Botantic Gardens/Greenhouses.