Feelin' it Friday: Animal Totems in my Pocket.

Something a bit different this week, rather than a particular store I'd like to bring to your attention a new 'craze' I've noticed on the Etsy which has caught my eye - Animal Totems. Has anyone else noticed this lately?

My favourite book In The Whole World is The Amber Spyglass by Pullman, so naturally I really, really like the idea of a tiny animal daemon in my pocket to give me support throughout the day. You know, because I can't carry Charlie Munchers, my actual daemon around with me in a papoose like I want to. He has to stay at home, eating cardboard boxes. Le sigh.

Anyway - check these out!
1/ leaping pinto by SongandBranch 2/ narwhal by  HandyMaiden 3/ le kiwi bird by leanimale 4/ grey linen whale by adatine.


  1. LOVE The Amber Spyglass - I want a whale in my pocket! Or a polar bear.

  2. My fave too! SO good. Maybe I need to re-read it (again). Surely you can't just choose your own daemon though? Maybe you could pop Charlie in one of those stupid chihuahua handbags? He might not like that though... x

  3. I love these! They're super cute.
    I wish I could carry Keekee around with me all day.

  4. These are sooo cute. I wonder what my animal totem would be .... maybe at the moment something that stuffs itself while hibernating?