Clothes Swap LIVE!

When we moved into the new flat, I had to cut down my wardrobe a bit so boy could fit some clothes into out dresser. I know, its unfair, sigh, lament. It left me with a pile of clothes I quite liked but hadn't worn in a while. Rather than take all of these to a charity shop, I thought I might see if I had some friends interested in coming around and rummmaging, bringing some of their unwanted clothes, a 'swishing' party I believe it is called.

I absolutly can not recommend holding a swishing party with your friends enough. What fun! After a few hours of sitting around drinking wine and cackling over womens magazines [Kirsten Stewart: Can she act or is she boring? Discuss.] while waiting for stragglers to make their way in, we piled everything into the middle of the room and using a complex ROTATE system we sifted through the pile, tried things on, fashion paraded and generally had a fantastic time.

More importantly, everyone went home with a [substantially smaller] pile of clothes to add to their wardrobe for FREE and I have a large bag to donate to charity. Everyone is a winner, literally. Such a wonderful way to get some new clothes you might never have thought to buy or even try on in the shops and all for nothing.

More importantly its easy to organise and people leave lots of cake behind. Hurrah!

In this 'economic climate' it really is a fantastic thing. This is totally going to be a regular occurance methinks!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to ponce around the house in my new bohemian wardrobe and Lady Mary Crawley jacket eating cake. Fnahhr!


  1. I love this concept! I've always wanted to try it, but I live away from home right now and my friend circle have vastly varying styles, so it probably wouldn't work!

  2. you are lucky, and i am jealous. i've heard of several other people doing these clothing swaps, but #1 non of my friends have a similar style to where we'd be interested in each others clothes, or, more notably, all of my friends are bigger than i am! one of these days, i have GOT to get to a clothing swap!

  3. I think the varying styles is actually why it DID work! We all got to try things we wouldn't normally think to wear and they worked out great. Also a lot of the people brought there 'not daggy and for the charity shop stuff' so it was the 'higher end' if you will of throw outs. Also it was just really fun! By the end of the day I was walking around wearing like 4 outfits at once. Dress ups!

    I have to say though it was a bit embarrassing that all of the stuff I threw in was from when I was a whole bunch smaller than I am now and NO ONE could fit into.