Christmas List innit.

Alright FINE. I read twitter, I've got the memo. The 'Red Cups' are here, Oxford St has its lights up, Justin Beiber (Bieber?) got some girl pregnant, FINE. Christmas is almost here.

As such, I've made my obligatory list of things I want for Christmas, even though I'm not a fan of Christmas itself. I'll spend it with my Boyfriends family, cooking roasted things and distracting myself from homesickness..... and maybe hopefully unwrapping these things (hint hint hint)
1/Birdie Bower's Journals 2/ War Horse tickets 3/ Forestbound WW2 era duffle bag 4/ a well good grey jumper 5/ AHC Peach Diamond necklace 6/ Paper&Chain chevron bracelet

This seems strangely short so... lets add my Amazon wishlist, for good measure.

Oh, and a Pony. Kthnx.


  1. *happiest hand claps ever* PONY PONY PONY I'm naming him OATES

  2. I need that jumper in my life.

    Oh, and Oates is the cutest name for a pony ever. When you get him, be sure to post pictures :D