Since coming back from holiday Matt and I have both been a bit in awe over our amazing new flat and keep pinching eachother to make sure we haven't wandered into some strange and wonderful dream. There are so many great things about our tiny nest and I still cannot believe we live here sometimes.

Today I think the best part of all has to be my thinking chair*, which has finally found its home under the window in our front room, where I have my computer set up on the table and spend many an afternoon or evening sitting, drinking tea, thinking, reading and watching the animals in the neighbour garden. Having a spot to be able to just sit and take five has always been high on my list of wants as far as a flat goes, but in London I think its pretty rare to get a place with the space to make room for this. I think its so important to be able to just sit and process things over a mug of tea and I'm so in love with my little spot for doing this.

I think having our tiny flat has made such a huge difference in my life. Work has been so crazy and coming home to a warm and inviting home that feels like home without any of the other annoying woes we're so used to dealing with when it comes to renting a property, makes such a difference to how I've felt coming home to other flats I've lived in, and I'm so grateful every day for this.
And thats what I've been thinking about in my thinking chair while I watch the light change and drink my cinnamon green tea this afternoon. Well, that and how I need to plant my window box with herbs.

Do you have a favourite spot in your house to sit and take some time to mull things over, or any little routines in place to help you reset yourself on weekends? Share!

* yes I do sing the thinking chair song from Blues Clues when I am sitting in my thinking chairby the way.


  1. That sure does look a nice place to sit. I can't see out of our windows without standing on something, plus there's nothing nice to see anyway.

  2. Blues Clues! Ahhhhh /nostalgia.

    My winding down routines always involve tea and reading. Still working out what my favourite spot is in the shared house I've just moved into... We shall see.

  3. Bed. Having extra sleep-in time in the weekends is a blessing, if only to have some time to doze in and out of sleep and ponder things.

  4. Rachel - ah yes a shared house. I have to admit I think 75% of the improvement in new living situation is that its only shared with boyfriend now, although I do miss my flatmates and having people to talk to when he is not home.

  5. What a gorgeous place. I adore that big window. I too am in the stage of pinching myself when I think of the massive house that will soon be Ours All Ours. (Just wrote a blog post obsessing about our loungeroom decorating scheme.)

    I saw one of Daniel Kitson's shows about a flat he used to rent, and tried for years to buy from his landlord. He really stirred the belief that a real home, where your soul belongs, is worth any amount of hard-earned money.

  6. Its true it really is. We've only been in our place a month and already joke about buying it off the Landlord. While I love it though I'm not sure my soul belongs here, no room for a pony!

    Where is your blog I want to read about this future home. Exciting!

  7. Looks stonking, so does cinnamon green tea! I'm very lucky to have ducks to look at whilst I drink my tea, but no easy chair. Oh well, half way.